FLock.io Announces $6M Seed Round to Democratize AI Training

2 min readMar 28, 2024

Quick Take

  • FLock.io, a decentralised AI training and finetuning platform, has raised USD $6 million to roll out its upgraded testnet and federated learning client.
  • Lightspeed Faction and Tagus Capital co-led the Seed round, with participation from DCG, Volt Capital, OKX Ventures, Inception Capital among others.
  • FLock.io aims to democratise the training and fine-tuning of models, directing control away from centralised corporations and into the hands of the public.

FLock.io, a Web3 decentralised AI startup, today announced a USD $6 million Seed fundraise co-led by Lightspeed Faction and Tagus Capital.

With fresh funding, at the top of FLock’s agenda is to roll out its Federated Learning-powered Training Platform.

FLock plans to peddle forwards with its mission to democratise the creation, governance and ownership of AI agents. It aims to take power away from the world’s largest corporations and distribute decision-making and rewards among the community.

What is FLock.io?

London-based FLock is an end-to-end AI co-creation stack integrating decentralised federated learning on-chain.

This incentivised platform seeks to democratise AI agent training, fine-tuning and inferencing. It prioritises data protection and sovereignty, and encourage widespread governance participation.

Now, anyone can contribute knowledge and enrich AI models themselves. The result? Community-owned models built by the many, not just the few, with data contributors being fairly rewarded and far more use cases.

The AI centralisation problem

FLock.io is on a mission to accelerate AI innovation, which is at present “hindered by low public participation and the centralised control over AI. Control, decision-making, and data storage are under the tight grip of a few corporations,” explain the FLock.io founders.

“This means that proprietary LLM providers hold sway over the trajectory of AI development based on their own objectives and values, which do not necessarily align with the public interest.”

“There is no governance over the models’ output. In recent cases, we have seen dramatic amplification of model biases and inaccuracies. FLock is here to fix that.”

FLock.io launched its AI co-creation platform on March 20th this year. The team is a group of Oxford Alumni with 10+ years of industry and research experience in AI and crypto.

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