Get started with Co-creation!
3 min readMar 5, 2024

FLock AI Co-creation Platform is LIVE now! Join the collaborative revolution in AI development and unleash the power of collective creativity. With FLock, you can co-create, collaborate, and be rewarded for your valuable contributions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to interact on this platform, as well as how to earn rewards.

Introducing the FLock points

The FLock points are the rewards you earn when using FLock AI Co-creation Platform. With these points, you can unlock exclusive rewards including potential airdrop, Flock ecosystem benefits and more.

How to earn FLock points?

Earn as you innovate: Co-create and Contribute to collect points and unlock exclusive rewards.

1️⃣ Complete the tasks to earn

2️⃣ Chat with GPT to earn

3️⃣Contribute knowledge to earn

You can manage and track your activities, contributions, and interactions in the Task Center.

How to mint the Scroll Explorer Badge NFT?

1️⃣Connect your wallet to the Scroll mainnet.

2️⃣Bridge ETH to the Scroll mainnet using or

3️⃣Mint on the co-creation platform.

How to get started with Co-creation?

  • Model Customization
  • Knowledge Contribution
  • Model Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance

Knowledge Contribution

This interaction allows the user to continuously provide information to the model for accuracy and improvement of the knowledge base. Here, you can truly experience how co-creation can be achieved!

  • Select a model and click the “Contribute Knowledge” button.
  • Before contributing knowledge, please carefully read the “Data Required” field.
  • Each person can contribute documents in any of the following formats: PDF,TXT, Raw text and Website links.
  • After selecting the document, click “Complete” to proceed.
  • The data validation process will take approximately 1 minute to complete.
  • You can always check the progress of your data contribution in the “My Model” section.
  • Similarly you can go to my models and check the points allocation.

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